Open Door Church Hardship Fund 

As a church we are always looking for ways to bless our community and we are already involved in a number of ways serving the town of St Neots and the surrounding villages. During the COVID-19 pandemic it is anticipated that families and individuals will suffer financial hardship due to the impact the virus has either directly on them or on their place of work. Clearly the government has a role to play in support of people over the long term but it is expected that for some this help will take too long to establish and leave them in short term financial difficulties.

We have, therefore, decided to setup a fund to help to alleviate this hardship. The purpose of this fund will be to provide immediate assistance to individuals and families within the ODC family to prevent them from falling into new debt directly associated with the impact of the virus. In addition, we are keen to display God's love more widely by supporting others with whom we are connected. This may be through our community activities, or generally in our day to day lives. In the unlikely event that the fund is in surplus when it is determined that the coronavirus impact has ended the funds will be distributed to local charities or individuals in need due to other circumstances.
Who can donate? Anyone is free to donate to help meet this need. If you are not a part of Opendoor Church we would like you to know that we are run as a charitable trust (Registered No 1168288) and are regulated by the Charities Commission.
How do I donate?  During the lockdown period we are only accepting donations via internet banking as all physical donation means increasing risk to the health of our staff. Church members will have been emailed with details, if you would like to donate and do not have these details then please contact the office ( and we will send you them.

What sort of things are we likely to fund?

  • Food, (but we would expect people to have asked Foodbank Plus first)

  • Electricity -  to put £10 on the prepayment meter

  • Gas – to put £10 on the prepayment meter

  • Medicines – to pay prescription charges

  • Taxis – To attend hospital or doctors’ appointments

  • Emergency car repairs where car use is essential

  • Replacing broken cooker/washing machine

  • Mobile phone top ups of £10 where phone is essential

Note that these are not the only things we could support.
Requests we are unlikely to support

  • Mortgage payments: The mortgagor should be asked to provide a capital and interest payment holiday

  • Rent: There are new rules to prevent evictions during lockdown

  • Any costs associated with people running their own business, this is for individuals and families personal needs.

How can I apply for a grant?
Please supply the information required below and someone will get back to you. We do expect to be made fully aware of the applicants financial circumstances before making grants as we need to ensure we are being good stewards of the funds we hold.

How will applications be assessed?
Applications for small amounts will be assessed by a member of the leadership team with the intention of making the grant quickly.
Applications for larger amounts will be reviewed by a small panel including one of our trustees. Again it would be our intention that we are able to make a grant quickly but this will only be possible if appropriate financial information is made available.
Grants will only be made on the basis of the funds we have accumulated for this purpose, if our pot runs out then we will not be in a position to make any further grants. 

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