The Grace Course

The Grace Course is a tool for churches to help Christians recover their first love for God so that they go on to love others and make a great impact on the world. Its objective is to enable Christians to experience God's grace in such a deep and real way that love for Him becomes the main motivator in their lives.

It teaches the wonderful truths of grace but has an emphasis on helping people experience that grace. There are practical exercises, times of listening to God and a gentle ministry component, The Steps To Experiencing God's Grace.

Here's what participants on The Grace Course have to say:

“For the first time in the decades that I’ve been a Christian, I’m suddenly ‘getting’ grace – it is amazing and it is shocking!”

"Each week God has clearly spoken into my situation."

"Wonderful revelation on grace"

"Very exciting. I have heard again the truth of God's love for me and have been able to identify misconceptions and false beliefs."


Session 1: Free!

Session 2: Innocent!

Session 3: Unashamed!

Session 4: Courageous!

Session 5: Humble!

Session 6: Fruitful!

The Steps to Experiencing God's Grace

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