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"Parenting is a higher calling that the pursuit of our own happiness. It carries a big cost, but is can also bring the highest rewards; the depth of love a parent feels and the privilege of knowing that we have helped shape a life."

Nicky & Sila Lee
Authors of The Parenting Course

The Parenting Course
As part of our ongoing commitment to promote and support family life, we run a parenting course.

The course is for all parents, if you are parenting on your own, or with a spouse or partner. If you have one child or ten! For those who are finding being a parent ‘kind of tough going’ at the moment or those who are loving every minute of it!

The Parenting Course is made up of 5 sessions, designed to equip those parenting or caring for 0 to 10 years olds (if you are a parent of teenagers please get in touch with us, we are planning to run this course in the near future) and give long term strategies to build healthy family life. The titles of the 5 sessions are:

29/01/19 - Session 1: Building Strong Foundations
05/02/19 - Session 2: Meeting our Children's needs
12/02/19 - Session 3: Setting Boundaries
26/02/19 - Session 4: Teaching Healthy Relationships
05/03/19 - Session 5: Our Long Term Aim

All sessions will start at 7.45pm at the Open Door Church Centre

This is a great resource for any Parents or Carers. The material is very practical and will benefit anyone who parents young children.

The Parenting Course has been produced by a couple called Nicky and Sila Lee (they also produced the Marriage Course) and it is being used internationally with great success. For more information visit the Parenting Children Course website.

The team running our course will be led by Sheena and Jeremy Applegarth who have been married for 21 years and have 2 children.

They both work full time and have been involved in church work for many years and are Small group leaders and are gaining `hands on` experience by the day! They are both passionate about family life and are keen to see families thriving.If you want to sign up for this course, or for more information, please email



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