As a church we are Aspiring to be all that God wants us to be and do all that he wants us to do. Here is what we’re going after together …

Enjoying God and enjoying life

We believe that we were designed to function best when in relationship with God - because He is the source of ALL good things. Jesus claimed that He had come in order that we could have “life to the full” (read more about how he made that possible here). Our joy, purpose and fulfilment in life are not dependent upon the circumstances we find ourselves in. They go much deeper than that…

Fully reliant on God’s presence and power

Jesus assured His followers that it was better that He left the Earth because the Holy Spirit was about to be made available to ALL who believe in Him – what a statement! We love living in the good of this, taking Jesus at His word that the Holy Spirit’s presence and power is for us. We love hearing from God, praying for the sick and pursuing other opportunities to see God’s power outworked.

A family committed to one another

In the book of Acts we see a community of believers totally committed to one another, and we seek to live that out in our life together at OpenDoor. As well as looking out for one another in our small group communities, we all muck in on Sunday mornings when we gather as a whole family. Be it working with kids, serving coffee, playing in the band, we all have a part to play.

Growing towards maturity in Christ

The apostle Paul was always spurring on believers to grow in maturity. We aim to do the same in helping one another grow in character and gifting. It’s our desire to cultivate a culture where every member is supported and encouraged in their development as disciples, giving space for people to ‘have a go’.

Making an impact in our community and beyond

The Bible is clear that church was never intended to be a self-appreciation society! We are here to share the life we’ve found with others. Every believer carries the presence of God wherever they go- the workplace, home, gym, preschool, supermarket, and when we’re open to God using us, who knows what could happen! In addition to individually living authentic Christian lives, there are a number of ways that we corporately serve our community (see community projects).