Current Series

Your Kingdom Come
Here you will be able to find the sermons that relate to our current Preaching series. Once the series is over the downloads can be found by visiting our media archive.

 Current Series 
In Your Discouragement, Jesus is Enough
Chris Jarvis, 15/10/2017
The Task is Great
Ian Hoile, 01/10/2017
Sacrificial Generosity
Ian Hoile, 24/09/2017
Faith Filled - Families
Chris Jarvis, 17/09/2017
Faith Filled - Vision
Ian Hoile, 10/09/2017
Faith Filled Obedience
Chris Jarvis, 03/09/2017
Heroes of Faith - Jim Elliott
Sally Bartlett, 27/08/2017
Heroes of Faith - Brother Yun
Tony Powers, 20/08/2017
Heroes of Faith - Smith Wigglesworth
Rebekah Jenkins, 13/08/2017
Heroes of Faith - Jackie Pullinger
Angela Hoile, 06/08/2017